Protection of Personal Data /Privacy Policy

Maja Tomc s.p. (hereinafter referred to as “Enjoy Enjoy”) understands that security of your personal data is important. To protect the personal data that you share with us is one our main tasks.

We invite you to get familiar with how Enjoy Enjoy manages your personal data.

After reading this document, you will know what kind of personal data we collect about you, what is the criteria for data collecting, and what is the purpose of data collecting.

Privacy Policy as used by Enjoy Enjoy is compliant with the law of the Republic of Slovenia and the GDPR regulation.

It covers:

  • contact information of Enjoy Enjoy and contact of the Data Protection Officer,
  • legal basis and the purpose of personal data processing,
  • types of collected personal data,
  • use of cookies and related tracking technologies,
  • privacy settings management,
  • personal data transmission,
  • deadlines for the retention of personal data,
  • personal data protection,
  • the rights of individuals regarding personal data, including the right to appeal,
  • changes to privacy policy.

Purpose and use of collected personal data

Enjoy Enjoy collects, records, manages, stores, transmits and processes your personal data that is collected for various purposes:

  • identification of individuals,
  • user support,
  • completion of purchasing process (shipping, delivery of goods, invoice handling, resolving claims),
  • purchase history archiving,
  • recovery procedures for accounting and tax purposes,
  • direct marketing; if you subscribe to our newsletter, we will regularly send you our e-mail newsletter based on your consent, using the
  • data required or disclosed by you separately for this purpose. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter service at any time. For this
  • purpose you can either send a message to the contact option specified below or use the opt-out link in the newsletter. Upon
  • unsubscription, we will delete your email address unless you have expressly consented to the further use of your data or we reserve the
  • right to further use your personal data in the scope and manner permitted by the law, of which we inform you in this notice,
  • market analysis,
  • prize game participation,
  • Enjoy Enjoy can process your personal data if this is in its legitimate interest unless the interests or individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over these interests.

What types of personal data do we collect?

Basic personal data: name and surname, email address, home address, shipping address, and telephone number for secure use of our services.
Online store user account data.
Purchase information and payment method.
We collect technical information about browsers, computers, or mobile devices.

What are cookies and why do we need them?

Cookies are short textual files that the web site sends to your browser during your visit. Cookies help your browser to recognize the web site, remember the information about your visit, and therefore ensure you a friendly and simple web service. Cookies enable us to customize the content on our website, remember your preferences, and monitor the visits in our online store. Cookies make browsing through our online store more comfortable, faster, and more effective.

Cookies are not malicious code. They do not collect any data from your computer! 🙂

The amended Electronic Communications Act, which became valid at the beginning of 2013, introduced new rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies that store data or access the data stored on computers or mobile devices.
Every individual has a constitutional and legal right to the protection of their data, and the right to self-determination of their information privacy. In this sense, the cookies form an interference with the individual’s privacy. This is the reason why the new legislation restricts the use of cookies.

The new legislation on the use of cookies does not prohibit but makes the rules stricter. The rules define under which conditions and how cookies and similar technologies can be used. The key is that visitor of web pages that use cookies must be aware of this fact and should be offered a choice whether they want a website to monitor their online activities or not.

Our list of cookies

Cookie name Purpose Cookie expiration time
cc_cookie_accept Enables statistics related to users’ web page entries.  Does not expire
cookie_test checking for performance of cookies  Does not expire
osCsid establishing user session Duration of the session
Google Analytics – utma Enables web page view statistics. 2 years
Google Analytics- utmb Enables statistics related to users’ web page entries. 30 min
Google Analytics – utmc Enables statistics related to users’ web page exits. On browser closure
Google Analytics – utmz Enables statistics of visits and channel sales. 6 months
Google Analytics – utmv Enables web page user segmentation. 2 years
Google Analytics – ga Web page traffic statistics and channel sales analysis. 6 months
Google Analytics – cid Web page traffic statistics and channel sales analysis. 6 months

Managing user account settings

  • User account updates. Every individual must provide accurate and complete data. Potential changes of your personal data in the online store user account can be updated or changed by the registered user in the user account settings.
  • Closing the user account. To close your online store account, you can do this at any time by submitting an account closure request to [email protected]. The account will be closed after no more than 7 working days. We are obliged to archive certain contract related items of personal data. This keeps us compliant with the tax law regulations regarding the order executions, resolving customer complaints, and product returns.

Personal data and distribution

We guarantee the user data is not going to be distributed to any third party.

  • Contractors. We can provide your personal data to persons with whom we have valid contracts for processing of your personal data. Purpose of mediation: user support, order delivery or processing of payments. The contractors can only access the personal data that is required to provide the provided services. The contractors are obliged to protect your personal data.
  • Information of public character. Some of your data is also publicly available, e.g. posted comments under a product in online store or commenting on social networks.

Protecting personal data

To ensure maximum security of your personal data, we use several technical and organizational tools, and measures. We strive to ensure the highest level of security for your personal data. Despite this, we cannot guarantee 100 % security. We are not responsible for theft, destruction, loss, or deliberate or unintentional disclosure of your personal data or related information.

When making a payment using PayPal, you enter data to the PayPal websites. After entering the data and verifying the data from this company, you will be redirected back to where the order completes.

The Enjoy Enjoy online store does NOT store any credit card data on its servers.

How long do we store personal data?

Basic personal data: name and surname, email address, home address, delivery address, telephone number – permanent or until canceled by the owner.

Fundamental rights of an individual

Enjoy Enjoy always ensure the exercise of individual rights.

  • The right to get acquainted. Everyone has the right to know what data do we collect, for what purpose, and for how long do we keep the personal data, and who is going to process the personal data.
  • The right to erase. Everyone can at any given time request Enjoy Enjoy to delete their personal data.
  • The right to correction of incorrect data. If an individual finds out that their personal data is incomplete or false, they have the right to request for a correction or amendment.
  • The right to limited processing. An individual may require that their personal data should be separately marked and excluded from any processing. The processing limit is time-related and is not as permanent as deletion.
  • The right to data portability. An individual can at any given time request to be allowed to transfer the personal data to an individual or to the account manager.
  • The right to contract.
  • The right to withdraw consent. An individual may at any time revoke his consent for personal data processing.

Personal data manager and contact

The personal data manager is Maja Tomc s.p., Ulica Angelce Hlebce 1c, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia.

Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the confidentiality of your personal data, the methods of processing, or your requests regarding the exercise of rights in related to personal data can be addressed to the responsible and/or authorized person for data protection at Maja Tomc s.p. company. Send your questions to the address Angelce Hlebce 1c, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia or to the [email protected] email address.

Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy our website!

For additional questions, please contact us via email.

Enjoy Enjoy